The Chartered Institute of Development Studies and Administration of Nigeria (CIDSAN) was  created by Establishment Act in May 2023. The Institute is a professional organization which was formed by Administrators from strong multi-disciplinary background with the aim of promoting and advancing the study and practice of Development Studies and Development Administration in Nigeria. 

Development Studies and Administration are interdisciplinary fields that encompass various aspects of social, economic, and political development. These fields aim to understand and address the challenges of development and promote sustainable growth and improvement in societies.

It is rather true that poor management of our development effort in Nigeria can be retraced to among other factors, paucity of professionally equipped development experts that facilitate the nations development Journey, Programmes, Projects and Interventions in a structured manner.

Nations are rethinking development approach to be in tandem with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and Nigeria is yet to come to terms with this reality. This can only be undertaken comfortably by experts in development studies and administration.

The multidisciplinary nature of Development Studies and Administration, make the establishment of CIDSAN a necessary Organisation to Advance the study, Training and Determination of what standard of knowledge and skills to be attained by Development Experts, who are to manage and administer our development efforts in Nigeria.

The Institute will work:

  • To Equip Development Professionals with the appropriate skills set to facilitate the nations development efforts, Programme and Project.
  • To create appropriate system for intervention in our developments through advocacy, collaboration with government in the areas of policy formation and implementation as well as sensitizing the public to promote the adoption of appropriate development practices in governance.


  • Determine what standard of knowledge and skills are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the institute and improve those standards.
  • Secure, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the establishment and maintenance of registered persons, registered under this Act as members of the profession and publication of the lists of those persons.
  • Provide consultancy services in applicable cases.
  • Arrange conferences, Seminars, Symposia and meetings, and;
  • To perform other functions that are intended to facilitate the achievement of the objective contained in this Act.